Do you think readers don’t care?

It’s been some time since I’ve featured an article as badly written as this one, done by a staffer for Yahoo! Movies. If you think readers don’t care about such errors, scroll down to read some of the comments that Yahoo! users left on the article.

Many readers noted that the actor was Buddy Ebsen:

The little people in “The Wizard of Oz” were Munchkins, monkeys were falling from wires, and (gasp!) Toto had her paw broken:

John Wayne was not known as Cowboy. He played a cowboy in several films, but that doesn’t mean you capitalize the word. His nickname was The Duke or Duke.

The actress is Susan Hayward. And Howard Hughes didn’t direct “The Conqueror”; Dick Powell did:

It’s not a plural. That should be Yucca Flat:

Do you think she meant “eating liver through the chute”?

The actress was Heather O’Rourke who suffered cardiac arrest, not “a cardiac arrest”:

The movie is “The Passion of the Christ”:

I have no idea where this comma comes from or why the writer can’t spell Wolfgang Petersen’s name correctly:

The newspaper is the Sydney Morning Herald:

I suspect the latest word came down in the summer of 2012:

Now here’s the fun part. Here’s what some readers had to say about the article, the writer, and Yahoo!. WARNING: Some of these comments are not politically correct. I’m just copying and pasting ’em, folks.

“I stopped counting the errors (both grammatical and content-related) once I had to start using my toes.”

“I did a report like this in Junior High… Had the same grammatical errors too. Guess we know where Yahoo is hiring their writers or the education level required to work for them.”

“If you’re going to write about movies and actors, shouldn’t you know who they are/were and be able to spell their names with some degree of accuracy? Just sayin'”

“Wow. The number of errors in this article is staggering. I sure hope the author doesn’t report on real news.”

“WE are cursed by this  so called   journalist!”

“This is the problem with Web-Based “Journalism.” It AIN’T! Our thread responses are just regular people talking, but anyone purporting to be a reporter, even online, should check their facts, names, dates and spelling, for heaven’s sake!!!!!”

“maybe the people who write these yahoo articles text too much. maybe thats why they can’t spell.”

“another great article that someone wrote with their thumbs after reading other info from wikipedia and got all of it wrong.”

“Worst. Writing. Ever.”

“Amazing how journalism has gone downhill. Seems that they’ll give a column to just about anyone these days.”

“What talentless pool of “writers” is Yahoo drawing from? Is English even their first language? They can’t even copy the spelling of the actors names right from the information they copied.”

“I don’t think English is this ‘reporter’s’ first language.”

“Geez Even yahoo news articles come from China now.”

“Howard Hughes died of kidney failure, NOT cancer from that movie. Can YAHOO! ever get their stories correct? Or is that YAHUE? YAWHO? Depends on which “reporter” is writing it.”

“The writer of this sloppy article, it appears, did little or no fact-checking. Heather O’Rourke died six years after the first film was released, unlike Dominique Dunne. The writer’s explanation for O’Rourke’s appearance in the two sequels is simply FLAT WRONG, as a quick check of Wikipedia could have told her.”

“I think someone at Yahoo was up against a deadline and had to come up with a story for the week really fast. This was it for me!”

“‘Buddy EPSEN’? Good grief. What an insult to a charming gentleman!
And ‘got her paw BROKE’? Really? Don’t you people have proofreaders?”

“It’s Budd Ebsen, not Epsen. Geez!”

“It’s Buddy EBSEN not ‘Epsen.’ That’s why you should get competent writers and not Yahoo hacks to do these stories.”

“The people who write these articles obviously have NO idea who the actors are in these movies, because they are MISSPELLED so many times!”

“Heather Rourke? Really? Could you not even spell names right…”

“Vera, it’s not Heather Rourke, it’s Heather O’Rourke.”


“Vera H-C Chan cannot write.”

“Vera H-C Chan…You’re an idiot. Get your facts right before you post to the world.”

“‘…got her paw broke.’ Really??? Did the village idiot write this? This article is absolute #$%$.”

“I’m not sure why we bother to teach English in school anymore.”

“and someone made money writing this stuff.”

“Did Yahoo recruit at the retard school to get the author for this article? It’s embarrassing that there are so many spelling and grammatical errors.”

“I work with the mentally retarded. Some of my clients could have done a better job.”


Which party line would that be?

I often think that Yahoo! employees pre-teens as writers. It’s hard to imagine anyone who graduated from a U.S. high school  making a statement like this:

As a first lady, Jackie O was not Jackie O, but Jackie Kennedy. Her husband and Lady Bird Johnson’s husband were both Democrats. So, there was no crossing party lines involved, despite what you read on Yahoo! Shine.

I can’t remember if it’s an iPad mini

Man, writing for the Yahoo! front page is hard. I’m expected to remember like everything I write. Like I wrote “iPad Mini” and then I had to write about that gadget again, but I couldn’t remember how to spell it, and if it, like, needs a capital M and I guess I could have looked at what I wrote 20 seconds ago, but that takes too much time, so what the heck, I’ll just call it “iPad mini.” Done!

Readers: The real victiims

The real victims in the Interweb world are the readers who try to read the Yahoo! front page:

Millions of people around the world turn to every day, and Yahoo! can’t be bother to supply its writers with a proofreader or even a spell checker. Really?

Kellie Pickler could go up in flames

Kellie Pickler looked red-hot on the red carpet for the CMA Awards. Maybe a little too hot:

That sparking bodice could be a fire hazard. Let’s hope there’s a fire extinguisher nearby. And that the folks in charge of the Yahoo! front page think about hiring a proofreader.

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