Yum! Potpie. Or Pot pie.

Yum. One of my favorite wintertime dinners is features on the Yahoo! front page here:

And a similar dish is featured here:

So, my question to you is: Are they two different dishes or are the editors at Yahoo! unable to make up their mind as to the spelling of the American favorite?


There is only one Sally Field

There is one — and only one — Sally Field, in spite of what you might read on Yahoo! Movies:

There is only one Allen Ginsberg, and this ain’t it:

Yahoo! Movies claims otherwise, but Ralph Macchio played Daniel LaRusso:

Jonathan Dayton is just one more victim of a Yahoo! Movies misstep:

Even Quentin Tarantino gets mauled by the writers:

There is only one Sally Field and when it comes to being victimized by the spelling-challenged, she has lots of company on Yahoo!.

Were you dazed and confused when you wrote this?

Does it seem to you that the Yahoo! Movies writer must have been just a tad dazed, and a lot confused, when writing this tidbit:

Misspelling Matthew McConaughey’s name three out of four times is not the action of a sober person. Nor is messing up the order of a few words. Dazed, confused, and still employed? What a combination.

Chloe Grace Moretz: What did you think her name was?

Her first name is Chloe. Her middle name is Grace. Her last name is Moretz. So where did the writer for Yahoo! Movies get the goofy idea her last name was Grace-Moretz?

I think that’s even worse than calling the actress Chloe Mortez.

Which never know?

This mess surprised Yahoo! Sports fans, not to mention grammar fans, who never knew that a writer could be this bad and still have a job:

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