Yum! Potpie. Or Pot pie.

Yum. One of my favorite wintertime dinners is features on the Yahoo! front page here:

And a similar dish is featured here:

So, my question to you is: Are they two different dishes or are the editors at Yahoo! unable to make up their mind as to the spelling of the American favorite?


2 Responses to “Yum! Potpie. Or Pot pie.”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    Overwhelming support for “pot pie”. Even Google and Ask, which are usually repositories of “creative spelling” have not one hit for “potpie” (The restaurant in Kansas doesn’t count.)

    Example (one I found many years back; still going strong (the spelling, not the site)):

    “Ruth Rendell’s Thriteen Steps Down – ITV review”

    I’ll chalk that off to “typo”.

    • Laura Says:

      And yet, the American Heritage Dictionary, which is part of the Yahoo network, spells it “potpie.” Frankly, I don’t know or care which is right. Any real news outlet would have a standard dictionary that settles issues like this. That assumes that it has competent editors and a management that cares about niceties like quality.

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