What happened to the Oval Office?

What happened to the Oval Office — the office of the president of the United States? Apparently the editors at the Yahoo! front page feel it no longer deserves to be treated as a proper noun:

Think that’s bad? Look what they did to Uggs!


Headline no one want

Here’s a headline no one wants to read:

Of course, it’s from the grammatical geniuses at the Yahoo! front page.

How wide is a spectrum?

Professional athletes are just like you and me. They have opinions. They vote. Teammates may even vote for opposing candidates. But does that mean they are on different sides of the political spectrum? And how wide is that spectrum?

If I could, I’d ask the writer for the Yahoo! front page: Wouldn’t they be further apart — politically speaking — if they were on opposite ends of the spectrum?

It hit me like a bolt of lighting

I’ve been reading the Yahoo! front page for some time, wondering where Yahoo! finds its writers and editors (and even if Yahoo! employs editors). Then it struck me like a lightning bolt — Yahoo! has been outsourcing the writing on yahoo.com to China:

Maybe it’s a clerical error

How do you explain the misspelled Jason Priestley on Yahoo! Shine?

I say it’s a clerical error.

More than most

This is a little more than most, but it’s not unexpected since it showed up on Yahoo! Shine:

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