How wide is a spectrum?

Professional athletes are just like you and me. They have opinions. They vote. Teammates may even vote for opposing candidates. But does that mean they are on different sides of the political spectrum? And how wide is that spectrum?

If I could, I’d ask the writer for the Yahoo! front page: Wouldn’t they be further apart — politically speaking — if they were on opposite ends of the spectrum?


5 Responses to “How wide is a spectrum?”

  1. Purnimodo Says:

    My stomach is hurting! Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

  2. BellaJ Says:

    But, there’s nothing in the slideshow to indicate their political views are diametrically opposed. A-Rod donated $250 to Miitt Romney, and Derek Jeter endorsed President Obama. That doesn’t say anything about where exactly they are on the spectrum. We have no idea how far apart they are. The language was responsible and fair.

    • Old Man Says:

      A spectrum is a series of entities, such as colors or political beliefs. Spectrums don’t have sides – they have ends. I’m thinking that was the point of the article. The language was incorrect.

    • Laura Says:

      I think you missed the point: A spectrum has two ends, but no sides. People are described as being on different (or more often, opposite) ends of a spectrum or different sides of a fence. But being on different sides of a spectrum makes no sense. In addition, if it is unclear where they stand relative to each other (I did not view the slideshow), then the spectrum metaphor is completely inappropriate.

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