Election night is not like Election Day

We all know that the scribes who work on yahoo.com don’t communicate with each other. Heck, even when it comes to referring to one of the company’s features — Election Control Room — Yahoo!’s staff can’t even conceive of the notion of spelling it correctly or at least consistently. They simply don’t care. It’s kind of like reporters for the Washington Post referring to their employer as the “washington post” or “Washington’s post.”

Well, that inability to write the same thing twice in the same way applies to the people who scribble for Yahoo! News. They just can’t agree on the capitalization required here:

Just in case the Yahoo! News folks are reading Terribly Write today, here’s the scoop: Election Day is a proper noun. Election night? Not so much.


Not an MIT graduate?

I’m guessin’ that the writer for the Yahoo! front page is not a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Heck, I doubt that the writer graduated from any school of higher learning:

The school in question is MIT. The problem in question is that it is not located in Boston. MIT is located in Cambridge. It is a Boston-area school, sitting across the Charles River from Boston.

Cutest baby ever, baby!

Aw, gee. This is such a cute picture of a baby who underwent open-heart surgery. Couldn’t the editors at Yahoo! Shine spend a few nanoseconds to make sure the caption was worthy of this adorable boy?

Racking up and raking in

Writers and editors have already racked in errors in astonishing numbers on Yahoo! Movies:

If I had a nickel for every error I found, I would have raked in a small fortune. If the Yahoo! staff knew the idioms rack up and rake in, I’d be astonished.

Right hand, meet left hand

Do people talk to each other where you work? Do employees email each other? Send instant messages? Text? Or, even pick up the phone and talk, old-school style? You’d think that communication would be standard in all successful companies. Maybe that explains why Yahoo! is struggling. Apparently people who write for the Yahoo! front page don’t talk to each other.

Here’s what one writer calls a new Yahoo! feature about the presidential election:

But, the writer of this blurb didn’t get the memo about the feature, and decided on their own cap style:

And then someone else decided the feature shouldn’t be just about one election, but about elections and so changed the name to this:

And someone else decided that the feature’s name wasn’t long enough:

Was it unexpected?

I guess the writers and editors who work on the Yahoo! front page totally overlooked the fact that November 6, 2012, is Election Day in the States:

Seems like they just found out, and didn’t have time to look up the correct capitalization of this historic occasion.

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