The real princess’s tomb mystery

The brainiacs who work on the Yahoo! front page claim there’s a mystery — and they’re right! But the mystery isn’t about a princess’s tomb or a 8,500-year-old murder. It’s about the person who wrote this on

The mystery? How the heck do you write something like that and still have a job? Didn’t you learn in the fourth grade that the possessive of princess is princess’s? Didn’t you learn 8,500-old makes no sense? Didn’t you learn the basics of writing and proofreading?


2 Responses to “The real princess’s tomb mystery”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Don’t you know anything? That is directly translated from the original hieroglyphics, including the punctuation.

    You obviously didn’t go to Electoral College.

    • Laura Says:

      Eric, I am absolutely humiliated by my ignorance of the intricacies of punctuation in hieroglyphics. Thank you for pointing out my obvious shortcomings. You’re right when you say I didn’t attend Electoral College, but I did graduate from School of Thought. Right after finishing School of Fish.

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