NYC dealing with 40 years of gas rationing

I’ve been to New York City. I’ve even driven in the city. I’ve filled up my car with gas in NYC. And I never realized that for the last 40 years, the Big Apple has imposed gas rationing on drivers. I guess I should have read the Yahoo! front page:

See what happened there? The Einstein of a writer dropped a couple of words from what should have been: New York City drivers face the first widespread gas rationing since the fuel crisis of the 1970s.


It’s not really a fiscal cliff, except it is

What, exactly, is a “fiscal cliff”? Is it a fake fiscal cliff? Or is this just the result of a staff member who doesn’t know if quotation marks are required. Or not.

Shavin’ a little from clean-shaven

The adjective clean-shaven gets its hyphen shaved off at the keyboard of a Yahoo! front page staffer:

Great Caesar’s ghost!

As Perry White, the editor-in-chief of the Daily Planet, would say, “Who the hell writes this crap?”

Great Caesar’s ghost, isn’t there one person working on the Yahoo! front page who knows how to spell?

Two out of two is not good

Batting a thousand in baseball is good. Batting a thousand in misspelling is bad. And that’s what the writer for Yahoo! News’ “The Ticket” batted in a sad attempt to spell Colleen Lachowicz:

How the heck does an alleged news site misspell the first and last names of the subject of a news article?

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