Slicing and boning a sycophant

It sounds like a heinous crime from “Silence of the Lambchops”: fileting a minion. Fileting (also spelled filleting) involves slicing and boning meat. When it involves a minion (or an obsequious follower or sycophant), then we’re into the realm of cannibalistic horrors.

I can’t bear to think about that; I’ll just consider that the Yahoo! Shine writer doesn’t know a minion from a mignon.

That’s probably the worst misspelling ever. So this misspelling of Philadelphia isn’t so bad:

But how did that slip past the spell-checker? Oh, yeah, Yahoo! writers don’t use a spell-checker. They also don’t understand that polar ideas are just cold ideas. Polar opposite ideas are at opposite ends of a spectrum (and not different sides of a spectrum).

Bear in mind, the writer of this article is a professional:

This is a long way from correct:


3 Responses to “Slicing and boning a sycophant”

  1. lectorconstans Says:

    Today (11/17), the beady-eyed Senior Editors at Yahoo! News have corrected that story.

    Except for two:

    “… synthesized the polar ideas into one bar …”, “… We’ve come along way from…”

    Come along, little doggie. (Or is that “dogie”?)

    His last paragraph makes up for the rest:

    “So maybe Good & Evil is the iPad of chocolate bars. Big box, thin product, a lot of buzz, and for those cult-followers, worth every penny. That is, until a newer version comes along. “

    • Laura Says:

      Yahoo seems to have some editors who manage to correct about 50 percent of the most egregious errors. Not exactly what I’d call “competent.”

  2. lectorconstans Says:

    On the other hand, a 50% success rate is just about what our public schools achieve.

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