Elections will play with new demographics

When elections play with demographics, the results cannot be good for the country. For those concerned about that possibility, you can use an interactive something-or-other to see the results, according to yahoo.com:

Or, you might use the interactive graph to see how future elections will play out with new demographics in the U.S.

Just sayin’.


David O. Russell and ‘The King’s Speech’

Let’s just say that you don’t need to be an expert on movies or writing to write about movies. You can misspell David O. Russell’s name and skip the apostrophe in “The King’s Speech” and still be employed by Yahoo! Movies:

Heck, that’s no worse than writing about the Jewish-Irish producer David O’Selznick.

The hell you say

If the character that Mads Mikkelsen plays in “A Royal Affair” literally goes through hell, we’d be watching him in a fiery pit. Fortunately, the character only goes through a figurative hell, not unlike the hell the Yahoo! Movies writer has put us through:

Maybe that figurative hell was a result of his yearning for a transformative event — one that would turn him from a man to a woman and from a confidant to a confidante.

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