It’s not famous

The word infamous is misused so often on Yahoo! that I am beginning to think maybe it is synonymous with famous, kind of like flammable and inflammable are synonyms. This time the misuse is on Yahoo! Screen:

Unless Ms. Smith’s job involves something heinous or notorious, I don’t think it’s infamous. It may not even be famous.


Open a newspaper once in a while

The “journalists” who write for Yahoo! News would benefit from reading a newspaper occasionally. They might learn how to spell the name of David Petraeus. He seems to be in the news these days:

Should learn how to proofread?

Does it need to be said? If you’re writing about a woman, like, oh, say, maybe Cortney Novogratz, you should figure out how to spell her name:

Think that’s a mere typo? You would be wrong, because it’s here again on Yahoo! Screen:

My advice to all writers: Should learn how to proofread?

How old is a girl?

At what age does a female go from a girl to a woman? 18? 21? 37? According to the editors at the Yahoo! front page, you’re still just a girl if you’re a 24-year-old female:

Really? Couldn’t they just call her a “woman”? Or if they want to elicit a little sympathy for her, a “young woman”?

Mind your own deam business!

I don’t know what a deam business is, but I do know that the business of an editor for Yahoo! front page does not involve proofreading:

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