Carole Radziwill? Well, no

It’s a pet peeve of mine: Misspelling the name of the person you’re writing about. It’s such a common occurrence on Yahoo!, that I’m not surprised that the writer for Yahoo! Screen can’t spell Carole Radziwill’s name:

I’m not even surprised when it happens more than once:


It’s the highlight of my day

There’s nothing more amusing than a typo on the Yahoo! front page, where it’s seen by millions of people:

It’s the highlight of my day. Every day I look forward to finding more misspellings and typos on It would be a real disappointment to me if Yahoo! ever discovers spell-checkers.

Coffee, Victoria’s Secret, tea: The breakfast battle

Maybe this makes sense to someone smarter than I:

I’ve heard of coffee vs. tea, but that’s not what it says on Yahoo! Screen.

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