The true injury to Rob Gronkowski

You don’t have to be a football fanatic to suspect that Rob Gronkowski’s name has been mangled on the Yahoo! front page:

Somebody went a little K-crazy there, and the editor was asleep at the keyboard. Oh, yeah, Yahoo! doesn’t employ real editors — or proofreaders.


Once it becomes usable, get rid of it

Yes, once a man’s prized possession is usable, he won’t want it. At least according to the genius writer at Yahoo! Shine:

Is this the U.S. version?

Oops. I was looking for the U.S. version of when I apparently stumbled on the U.K. version:

In the U.K. the level of a building is a storey and a tale is a story. In the U.S., we like things a little simpler and call both a story. We have more homophones than we can handle; we don’t want any more.

Capitalizing on Thanksgiving

Retailers are capitalizing on Thanksgiving with Black Friday bargains. Websites are capitalizing on it, too, with news stories and recipes focused on the holiday. So, with Thanksgiving in our face every day and everywhere, why don’t the editors for Yahoo! Shine know that it needs to be capitalized?

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