We were not written by Terence Winter

Please ignore what you read on Yahoo! Movies: We were not written by Terence Winter. Rather, this sentence, which was written by a Yahoo! person, has a misplaced modifier:

We would expect nothing short of embarrassing gaffes from Yahoo!, including one that elicits smirks. At least the writers aren’t engaging in illicit behavior (as far as we know). They are, however, engaging in grammatical assaults with this claim that both Mr. DiCaprio and Ms. Lumley play the same characters in an upcoming film:

(To indicate that the actors’ characters are different, the writer should have added a little apostrophe and S to DiCaprio.)


Shocking revelation about Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes, one of several ex-wives of Tom Cruise’s, never celebrated Thanksgiving before marrying the star of “Mission:Impossible.” This startling revelation was unearthed by the ace team of writers for the Yahoo! front page:

If you’re like me (and don’t you wish you were?), you probably thought this was Ms. Holmes’ first Thanksgiving since divorcing Mr. Cruise. But you and I would both be wrong. Or else the folks who write for yahoo.com are wrong.

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