Ignorance is no excuse

Proving once more that total ignorance of cinema is no impediment to writing for Yahoo! Movies, someone decided that Tony Curtiz directed the movie classic “Casablanca”:

I don’t know if the writer thought he was writing about the actor Tony Curtis and misspelled his name, or if the writer was totally unaware that Michael Curtiz directed the movie. It reminds of the time the brilliant minds at Yahoo! referred to Kate Winslet as Kate Hudson, or referred to this guy as Mickey Rooney:


It’s your turn

You be the editor! It’s your turn to tell the editors on the Yahoo! front page that this is not how to form the possessive of actress:

There’s a little letter missing: An S is necessary for the possessive of a singular noun, even one ending in S.

What were you smoking?

Was the editor under the influence of an illegal substance when writing this caption on Yahoo! Shine?

. Anyone with a clear head knows that the word is smoky and this is the real Smokey eye:

Screwing up with lightning speed

How fast is “lightening speed”? Is it the rate it takes to bleach a red T-shirt pink? Is it as fast as lightning speed, which is the rate at which Yahoo! Shine writers make mistakes?

A sendoff for English?

Are the editors for the Yahoo! front page preparing a sendoff for the English language? Is that why they don’t bother to consider the difference between a verb (like send off) and a noun (like sendoff)?

As long as you don’t want to open them

Sealing up windows and doors is great for eliminating drafts — and entry points into your home.

You could follow that advice on the Yahoo! front page, but if you want to eliminate drafts and be able open windows and doors and go into your attic, it might be better to seal up leaks.

Undisputed champion of rope-a-dope errors

Some lightweight editor for the Yahoo! front page makes one of the most rope-a-dope errors ever:

When it comes to stupid mistakes — like misspelling Robert Guerrero when the fighter’s name is right in front of you — Yahoo! is the undisputed champion.

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