Keira: Now appearing Knightley

Well, at least the genius writers at Yahoo! Movies got half of Keira Knightley’s name right this time:

kiera knightley

They’ve called her Keira Knightley, Keira Knightly, and worst of all, Kiera Knightly. The writers did manage to get Jacqueline Durran’s name right, though for some reason they decided that her job deserved capital letters. It doesn’t.


Having a nervous breakdown

To the writer for Yahoo! Screen: Don’t have a nervous breakdown about this, but you made a mistake. Let me break down this error for you: Breakdown is a noun. The verb is two words: break down.

breakdown screen

Five top ypos of 2012

If I were to compile a list of the Top 5 Typos of 2012, this one from the Yahoo! front page might make the list:

fp lbums

There’s not just a typo that makes this a potential winner: There’s the wonky word order, too. It doesn’t imply that the list is of the top five albums of the year, but just five of the top albums of 2012.

Was that Sam Raimi with Rachel Weisz?

No, that wasn’t Sam Raimi; it was someone else on Yahoo! Movies:

name sam raimion movies

And it wasn’t Rachel Weisz, either:

name rachel weis movies

Because shrinking up makes no sense

In an attempt to explain the phenomenon of incredible shrinking drinks, the editors on the Yahoo! front page, make sure you understand that the drinks have been shrunk down, and not shrunk up:

fp shrunk down

If you think that means a half gallon of milk is now just 60 ounces, or a pint of cream is 12 ounces, you would be wrong. The actual shrinking of drinks is a myth. Instead, some large sizes of some drinks have been banned in New York City. No shrinkage was involved in the ban.

Is that Leslie Knope from “Parks and Recreation”?

Nope. But it should be:

lesley knope tv

You’d think that anyone working for Yahoo! TV would know how to spell Leslie Knope’s name, or care enough about the character to Google her name.

This is an actually an act of a professional

Are all the writers and editors at on a holiday break? Is this the work of an actual professional or are high school dropouts filling in for the regular staff?

fp is an actually an

Another woman set on fire in L.A.

Just yesterday, the Associated Press reported that a woman had been set on fire in Los Angeles. This morning the crackerjack journalists who write for the Yahoo! front page report that there has been at least one more similar incident:

fp women

Of course, it could be that those crackerjack journalists are really just crackers and don’t know the difference between woman and women. It wouldn’t be the first time that they’ve used the plural women when the singular woman is correct.

Since when?

After reading this on the Yahoo! front page, I’ve decided that the writer is mentally challenged since then:

fp since then

OK, seriously, why did the writer include “after” and “since then”? Here’s what the genius should have written:

After being named November’s coach of the month, Johnson saw his team lose 10 of 13 games.

Or maybe:

Since being named November’s coach of the month, Johnson saw his team lose 10 of 13 games.

Now that’s funny!

Injecting a little levity into your writing? Just do as the writer for Yahoo! Shine does, and substitute levity for levitation and listen to the crowd roar with laughter:

levity shine

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