Miss Golden Globe miss

Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca has been named Miss Golden Globe. I have no idea who Miss Golden Globes is, but someone writing for the Yahoo! front page thought she was worth mentioning:

fp globes


L.A. Auto Show: It’s official

There’s an automobile show going on right now in Los Angeles. It’s called, oddly enough, the L.A. Auto Show. That’s its official name. Someone should tell the editors who work on the Yahoo! front page:

fp la auto show lc

Still both wrong and awkward

Recently the Yahoo! front page featured an ugly grammatical mistake, with the correlative conjunction both…and joining to unequal, nonparallel elements:


Of course Terribly Write took them to task (with almost no snark), even providing three alternatives to turn the embarrassment into a grammatically correct sentence.

Knowing that the editors on yahoo.com use Terribly Write as their de facto editor (because I think Yahoo! has no competent editors), I wasn’t surprised when they made a stab at correcting the error:

fp both the top

Faced with three correct alternatives, what did the editors at yahoo.com choose? None of them. Instead, they rewrote the grammatically incorrect sentence, producing a different grammatically incorrect sentence. Brilliant.

Calling all editors!

I kid. I am a kidder. I’m not calling all editors, just calling out the editor for the Yahoo! front page who decided that cellphone was a word here:

fp internet cellphone

but it wasn’t a word over here:

fp cell phone

What’s so hard about checking the spelling in a dictionary, such as the American Heritage Dictionary, which is actually part of the Yahoo! network? If this is a word that’s in transition, somewhere in limbo between one word and two, then just make a decision: Pick one way to spell it and stick to it. And make sure others stick to it, too.

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