Give that writer the boot

Maybe Yahoo! should consider giving the person who wrote this the boot and hiring someone familiar with American slang and idioms:

fp reboot

The common slang reboot, in the context of a TV program or movie, means a remake. It’s taken from the same word, which means to restart a computer. The TV show “Girl Meets World” is not a remake and it is not restarting. It’s a new show that might be called a sequel or a spin-off. But some folks are so enamored of the misuse of the word, that they’ve repeated it on

fp reboot 2


How long is Christmas?

To some people, Christmas is a single day. Others celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas. But to the editors at Yahoo! Shine, Christmas goes on for an unspecified number of weeks, starting in the first week of December:

first wk of xmas shine

Are they offering us 31 days of cookie recipes for 31 days of Christmas? Is that what’s up here? Or did the editors overlook the fact that this is just the first week of December?

I wanted something totally different from this

I wanted something totally different from this sentence on the Yahoo! front page:

fp different than ink

I was looking for a grammatically correct sentence — one that included different from and not different than.

Moving sounds

Can we all agree that to form the plural of a proper noun ending in Y, you just add an S? So, the plural of Molly is Mollys, the plural of Bobby is Bobbys and the plural of Furby is Furbys, right? Great, then we can move right past the first error here from Yahoo! Shopping and get to the fun part:

furbies shopping

I’ve been waiting for a toy with sounds that moved.

Crushin’ on Michael Strahan?

Is the writer for Yahoo! TV’s “Daytime in No Time” displaying her subconscious preference for Kelly Ripa’s cohost Michael Strahan?

live with michael dint

The show is “Live! with Kelly and Michael.” But if I had a crush on Mr. Strahan, I might put his name  first — screw accuracy and journalistic integrity.

Let’s face it

Let’s face it, the writer for Yahoo! TV‘s “Daytime in No Time” has no idea what let’s means:

lets no apos dint

The contraction let’s is short for let us. According to the American Heritage Dictionary, in this context it is “used as an auxiliary in the imperative to express a command, request, or proposal.”

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