Where or what is Peter Townshend from?

It’s do-it-yourself news on yahoo.com. Just fill in the correct word or phrase in: The infamous rocker from <insert word or phrase here> reveals a surprising fact about his political stance.

fp rocker from


That’s news to people in the Philippines

Do the folks in the Philippines know that they’ve been misspelling their country’s name? At least that’s the message they’d get from the brainiacs on the Yahoo! front page:

fp phill

Slip-up with slip-on

How much of a subject-matter expert do you have to be to write for Yahoo! Shopping? No much. You don’t need to know that the shoe style is a slip-on (with a hyphen) or the shoe brand is Skechers (without a T):

sketchers shopping

At least 12 words in sentence, and some of them verbs

Even if the writer had included all the words necessary to make this a correct sentence (like “some of them are trucks”), this collection of characters on Yahoo! front page would still be insulting:

fp trucks

I guess the writer felt it was necessary to clarify for you, in the most condescending way possible, that vehicles can be cars and trucks.

‘Tis the season for missing punctuation

‘Tis the season for missing apostrophes and typos on Yahoo! Shopping:

tis the season shopping

The word ’tis is actually a contraction for it is and requires an apostrophe to indicate a missing letter.

How many sheriffs does he work for?

An Illinois detective may be the only employee of Cook County to work for more than one sheriff. According to the Yahoo! front page, he’s a sheriffs’ detective:

fp sheriffs apost

But according to common sense and grammar, he’s a sheriff’s detective.

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