This is not Us Weekly

She’s an author, writer, and critic. She was the film critic at Us Weekly from 2000 to 2011. And she has no idea how to spell the names of some of the most visible and honored personalities in today’s cinema.

She mangles Matthew McConaughey here:

mathew mcc movies

and in the same article, struggles with Kathryn Bigelow:

mathew mcc movies 1

Daniel Day-Lewis doesn’t get the hyphen in his last name:

mathew mcc movies 2

And again with the misspelled Matthew McConaughey — but this time she’s screwed up his first and last names:

mathew mcc movies 3

She’s probably used to having an editor clean up her scribblings, but now she writes for Yahoo! Movies‘ “The Reel Breakdown,” and editors are a luxury that Yahoo! doesn’t invest in.


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