Maybe we should take a vote

What do you think? Is the retail giant Ikea or IKEA? Would you capitalize every letter or just the first? If you write for the Yahoo! front page, three out of four times, you’ll spell it Ikea; the fourth time, IKEA. So, if we take a vote it’s initial cap, lowercase everything else. Or we just follow Yahoo!’s lead and do whatever the heck you want:

fp ikea



Do you like Kipling?

“Do you like Kipling?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never kipled.”

I know one thing: I know how to spell Rudyard Kipling’s name, unlike the writer for Yahoo! News:

name kippling news


You just made the naughty list

This writer has officially moved onto Santa’s naughty list for making up a name:

name naughton movies

That’s no mere typo. The Yahoo! Movies writer’s imagination went wild with Katharine Houghton’s name.

Were you under a lot of stress when you wrote that?

Can stress affect your ability to write? If so, what is stress’s effect on your writing? Does it make you unable to form the possessive of a word ending S? Do you forget to add both an apostrophe and an S? Does it render you incapable of choosing a noun (like effect) instead of a verb (like affect)?

stress affect health

Was the writer for Yahoo! Health under a lot (and I mean a lot) of stress when writing that headline?

One in too many

Apparently proofreading is not a requirement for the Yahoo! front page:

fp in in

Not the real Dee Jay Daniels

The real name of actor Dee Jay Daniels is Dorjan Lyndell; it’s not what you’ll see on Yahoo! TV:

name dorjan lydell tv

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