I’ll have the decaf. And the coffee

I love coffee. I drink a couple of cups every morning, and sometimes I’ll have a cup of joe in the evening, too. But my evening indulgence is always decaf. Decaf coffee. In my house, there’s regular (aka, high-test) and decaf coffee. On Yahoo! Shine there’s coffee (which I guess could be regular or decaf) and decaf (which could be coffee, tea, or Diet Coke):

coffee or decaf

So what will you have? Regular or decaf coffee?


When should it be punctuation-free?

This sentence on the Yahoo! front page is hyphen-free, but it shouldn’t be:

fp cancer free

Too much

Too much of a good thing is bad. Too much of a bad thing is worse. That’s what you get on Yahoo! Movies, where the writer has a few too many synonyms for also. In addition to using aside from, the writer also included was also as well as to boot, too.

sinatra movies

And forget the hyphens: They’re both wrong. There’s no need for one in bona fide or to attach an adjective (low) to a noun (point). It’s just too much.

Oy vey! It’s not Hanukkah

Oy! Who taught the writer for Yahoo! News how to spell Hanukkah? Oh, right. No one:

news hannukah

Lame dame name

There’s a lame spelling of Dame Judi Dench’s name on Yahoo! Shine:

name judy dench

It’s no doubt the result of a writer so sure of her spelling ability that she didn’t think she had to Goggle Dame Judi’s name. She was wrong.

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