Oy vey! It’s not Hanukkah

Oy! Who taught the writer for Yahoo! News how to spell Hanukkah? Oh, right. No one:

news hannukah


2 Responses to “Oy vey! It’s not Hanukkah”

  1. Purnimodo Says:

    I was just thinking… they must have those spelling checks right? Makes no sense to misspell names such as these when they are automatically corrected. It’s hard to miss the red lines. Hmmmm

    • Laura Says:

      I can’t imagine how mistakes like that happen, but they happen every day. Misspellings are so common that I sometimes think that Yahoo! doesn’t provide spell-checking with the tool the writers use to create their stories. Certainly, Yahoo! doesn’t require spell-checking or proofreading or editing before content is published. Sad.

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