Do you push back when you get pushback?

Would you push back if you got pushback for your spelling? If you adhere to the American Heritage Dictionary, you use two words for the verb (push back) and one word for the noun (pushback). If you write for the Yahoo! front page, you don’t need a dictionary. You don’t need to know the difference between a verb or a noun. You just use whatever word or words you like:

fp push back


Scud dud

It’s a dud of a spelling with the undercapitalizing of Scuds on the Yahoo! front page:

fp scuds lc

Dumbest writing of 2012?

Are these the dumbest mistakes to appear on the Yahoo! front page in 2012? It would be hard to beat them for the overwhelming stupidity of their claims:

fp 121212

The date 12/12/12 isn’t a “once in a millennium” date since it appeared in 1912 and 1812 — in fact, every century has a 12/12/12. OK, so it appears more than once in a thousand years, but what about a shorter span, like “once in a lifetime”? With more and more people living to be a 100, that’s a stupid claim as well. Someone born on 12/12/12 could see another 12/12/12 in 2112.

Are those claims worse than claiming Julian Assange spoke from a balcony in Ecuador when he was actually in the Ecuadorian embassy in London? Or the claim that President Obama won a “tight electoral college [sic] race” even though he garnered 50% more electoral votes than his opponent? Or that Bill Parcells is in the Hall of Fame? Or any of the hundreds of other boneheaded mistakes Yahoo! staff have made in 2012?

Never mind the headline

Never mind the headline on the home page of Yahoo! Music: It’s wrong:

nevermind music

The idiom that means “don’t bother” is two words: never mind. The quaint noun that means “attention or notice,” used in the negative sense is one word: nevermind. But pay no nevermind to that and just go with two words.

She would have been very, very quiet

It’s hard to imagine how anyone would fall for a phone call from the Queen Mum, in light of the fact that the beloved Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother passed away in 2002:

queen mum shine

A queen mother is the mother of a reigning monarch, not the reigning monarch herself. The two Australian DJs who pulled a prank on employees of a hospital caring for Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, pretended to be Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles. The writer for “Daily Shot” on Yahoo! Shine is not nearly as clever as she thinks she is.

Flipping her Wiig

Maybe it was all the I’s in Kristen Wiig’s last name that convinced the writer for Yahoo! Shine that there should be a couple in her first name, too:

name kristin wiig shine

Hey, at least that’s better than what the folks at Yahoo! Movies called her!

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