Is this your first time?

If this is a writer’s debut on the Yahoo! front page, then it’s a premiere:

fp premiere products

If the writer is describing a product that is “first in position, rank, or importance,” then it should be a premier.

Although there’s some disagreement among authorities on the use of premiere as an adjective to mean “first or foremost,” most prefer premier in this context.


John Badham’s bad name

This is bad. Really bad. How do you explain this misspelling of John Badham’s name on Yahoo! Movies?

john badem movies

I blame laziness. And ignorance. And a management that doesn’t care about quality.

Do you know who you work for?

There’s some disagreement among the staff on the Yahoo! front page concerning the company that pays their salary. Is it Yahoo! with an exclamation mark? Or Yahoo without an exclamation mark?

fp bang

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