James Bond: Praised as the highest praise as

I get it. At least I get some of this excerpt from Yahoo! Movies:

femme fatales mov

The singular is femme fatale; the plural is femmes fatales. (Both words need an S because it is French and that’s the way the French like their plural nouns and adjectives.) The queen doesn’t get a capital letter unless you also use her name (so, it’s the queen, but Queen Elizabeth). As for that bit of nonsense about something being “praised as the highest praise as”? I have no idea what that’s all about.


2 Responses to “James Bond: Praised as the highest praise as”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Who thought… What kind of… On what planet does…

    Eh, forget it. How does one respond to such an incoherent paragraph?

    And while we’re at it: Enraptured Bondsmen? I didn’t know such a small segment of our society could drive box-office numbers so high. Most bondsmen I’ve met seem to be on the jaded side.

    • Laura Says:

      The writer is given to metaphorical language, not all of which works. She loves to make up words, too, some of which work. But “Bondsmen” might have made more sense as “Bondmen” — but not a lot more. She obviously needs the help of a competent editor.

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