Maybe it’s the wrong side of the road

It would certainly be a scary driving practice to drive a British automobile in the U.S. — on the left side of the road. But men do that more, according to the Yahoo! front page:

fp driver

I don’t know if men drive on the left more than they drive on the right, or if men drive on the left more than women do. Or if the editor screwed up the picture and flipped it. I’m going with the screw-up by the editor. (When in doubt, go with human error, especially if that human is a Yahoo! staffer.)


Was this designed to collects sneers?

It’s a great place to make a typo — the, one of the most visited pages on the Web:

fo to collects

What? No spell-checker?

I guess there’s no spell-checker for captions over at Yahoo! Screen. That’s too bad, because this misspelling of Ukrainian might have been avoided:

ukranian screen

Of course, there’s ample evidence that Yahoo! writers and editors don’t use a spell-checker, even when one is available. And no one bothers to proofread. That means that an error like this, which would be embarrassing anywhere else, is acceptable and expectable.

Next they’ll recommend sex with small appliances

From Yahoo! Shine:

have sex with lights

I think I’ll get my info elsewhere

A study found that grammatical errors, misspellings, and typos affect the credibility of a website. I know that they affect my view of a writer and my confidence in the writer’s ability to write accurately. When I read this headline on Yahoo! Finance‘s “The Daily Ticker” I had a hint that the writer wasn’t going to be a trustworthy source of info:

cliff finance 0

Any writer who can’t match a verb (like looms) to its subject (like, oh, say, maybe trifecta), has a credibility problem with me.

I could have overlooked the hyphen that’s missing from last-minute when it’s used as an adjective:

cliff finance 1

I might have skipped over the extra word here:

cliff finance 2

But if I had read this first, I would have stop reading then and there:

cliff finance 3

Confusing loose and lose is on every list of Top 10 Confused Words. Any professional writer should be sensitive to the difference between those words and know which one to use.

Were there factual errors in this article? I have no idea, but I wouldn’t take financial advice from this writer. Would you?

Nouveau Richie

It’s a new spelling for Lionel Richie over at Yahoo! Movies:

lionel ritchie movies 1

In case you think that’s a mere typo, here it is again on the same page:

lionel ritchie movies 2

I guess when you’re confident of your spelling ability, you don’t bother to Google a name. That’s too bad, because if the writer had a little humility, these misspellings might not have happened.

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