Nouveau Richie

It’s a new spelling for Lionel Richie over at Yahoo! Movies:

lionel ritchie movies 1

In case you think that’s a mere typo, here it is again on the same page:

lionel ritchie movies 2

I guess when you’re confident of your spelling ability, you don’t bother to Google a name. That’s too bad, because if the writer had a little humility, these misspellings might not have happened.


2 Responses to “Nouveau Richie”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Question: Can a singer have a “backup” break dancer? Break dancing seems dangerous, so it makes sense to keep a spare around, I guess. But I think the only “backup” a singer needs is another singer. The break dancer on stage with him is simply a break dancer.

    Oh, Yahoo!

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