Mowing your hair?

First, let’s just acknowledge that the writer of this little Q and A on Yahoo! News‘ “Who Knew?” is careless at best, and an idiot at worst. I have never, ever, ever seen the word some used with regard to a single item, like a hairstyle. I’ve also never seen this spelling of Mohawk, though now that I think about it, it might make some sense:

mowhawk who knew mohawk

The hairstyle involves shaving the sides and most of the top of one’s head. So, if you used a John Deere lawnmower to do that, it could be a Mowhawk. But the hairstyle didn’t get its name because it looked like someone mowed both sides of their head, leaving a strip down the middle. It’s named after the Mohawk Indian. And it looks something like this guy’s ‘do (courtesy of Wikipedia):



2 Responses to “Mowing your hair?”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Some of the most pointless Internet articles appear on _________

    “Some of the most notable hairstyles” leaves me to wonder which “most” notable hairstyles didn’t make the list. Can there be more than one most notable of anything?

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