It’s not funny

A horse’s age can be determined by examining its teeth. A writer’s intelligence can be ascertained by their ability to appreciate the difference between a possessive pronoun (like its) and a contraction (like it’s). What does this say about the brilliance of the writer for Yahoo! TV?

its apost


Reader caught off-guard

Were you caught off-guard by the lack of a hyphen in the adjective on the Yahoo! front page?

fp off-guard

I wasn’t. I’ve seen that mistake on Yahoo! a few times before. I kinda expect now.

Turn down the lights

The editors on the Yahoo! front page should turn down the capital letters in northern lights, and make it the common noun that it is:

fp norther lights cap

And not enough on education

Americans spend billions of dollars a year on their pets, and not enough money on their education. The skilled writers at Yahoo! TV offer a little evidence with this creative plural:

americans apos

Newtown gun show not in Newtown

You might think that there was a gun show in Newtown, Connecticut, after reading this on the Yahoo! front page:

fp newtown

And you would be wrong. Silly you. The gun show was actually more than 40 miles from Newtown. But, that’s practically in the same ZIP code, isn’t it?

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