An infamous mistake

A little vocabulary lesson may be in order for the editors on the Yahoo! front page. They seem to think that infamous is a synonym for famous. It isn’t.

The American Heritage Dictionary says that infamous means “Having an exceedingly bad reputation; notorious; causing or deserving infamy; heinous.”

fp infamous

The dress in question was revealing, but not wicked, abominable, degenerate, or any other synonym for infamous. It is, however, famous.

Yahoo! writers use infamous a lot, when they mean famous. But sometimes they really, really screw up and come up with something that could live in infamy.


Stick to what you know

My advice to the writer for Yahoo! Shine: Stick to what you know.

past year 2

If you don’t know that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, was married more than a year ago and that she has not had a baby, don’t write about “Marriage! Baby!” It’s an insult to your readers.

There’s only one Sally Field

In spite of the fact that you may be seeing her everywhere these days, there is only one Sally Field. Would someone please tell the writer for Yahoo! Movies:

sally fields movies

Yhaoo offers apology

I’m so sorry, but I accidentally mistyped Yahoo. My apologies to the Internet giant and my readers. Now let’s see if the editors on the Yahoo! front page offer an apology to ESPN:

fp epsn

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