There’s only one Sally Field

In spite of the fact that you may be seeing her everywhere these days, there is only one Sally Field. Would someone please tell the writer for Yahoo! Movies:

sally fields movies


4 Responses to “There’s only one Sally Field”

    • Laura Says:

      That was written by Thelma Adams, a writer who “was the film critic at Us Weekly from 2000 – 2011, following six years at the New York Post.” She probably knows a lot about movies and the people in them. She’s also probably used to having a competent editor go over her writing before it’s published. I guess she doesn’t know that she doesn’t get that kind of support from Yahoo!.

      • ericjbaker Says:

        That’s even worse. For an experienced entertainment writer, the spelling of Sally Field’s name should be routine knowledge.

        • Laura Says:

          I’ve been the editor for former magazine and newspaper writers who have transitioned to writing for the Web. They may know their subject matter, but they’re used to having an editor and proofreader clean up after them and so their writing can be very sloppy.

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