Most funny thing you’ll read today

Is this the most funny thing you’ve ever read on the Yahoo! front page?

fp unhealthy

Or is it the funniest thing you’ve read? If you’re at all familiar with the English language (and Yahoo! editors don’t seem to fall into that category), then you know the superlative of funny is funniest and the superlative of unhealthy is unhealthiest.


How do you plead?

Is the editor for the Yahoo front page ready to plead guilty to a felonious assault on the English language?

fp ready to plea

The verb is plead; plea is a noun.

Where is is?

Is being able to proofread priceless? At the Yahoo! front page, being able to write, edit, or proofread has no value:

fp euthan

That’s when I stopped reading

I couldn’t make it past this first paragraph of an article on Yahoo! Shine:

boobs shine

That’s looks good? No, that’s doesn’t. And neither does too and fro.

The the repeated word

It’s the the most repeated word on Yahoo!. This time it makes a double appearance on the the Yahoo! front page:

fp the the 2

Tar Heels mistreatment

If you’re a Tar Heel, you might be a little miffed by the shoddy treatment you get on the Yahoo! front page:

fp tar heels

Tar Heel refers to the state of North Carolina and the athletic teams, students, alum and just about everyone and everything associated with the University of North Carolina.

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