We’re writers, not mathematicians!

What a coincidence! The folks who write for the Yahoo! front page are reporting that a boy was found 20 years after he went missing:

fp 19 2

And another boy was found 19 years after he was abducted:

fp 19 1

What an amazing coincidence! Or is it? Turns out, the “boys” in question are actually the same kid who was kidnapped in 1994. That would be 19 years ago, if my abacus is correct.

On a different note, I don’t think the boy was “last seen when he was 5.” I imagine at least one person saw him in the last 19 or 20 years or however long ago it was. He went missing when he was 5, or he has been missing since he was 5. Or he was abducted in 1994. That’s what the mathematical geniuses should have written.


What do you think?

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