Abraham Lincoln is still dead

It’s good to be reminded of historical facts — the kind of facts we learn in elementary school, but forget by the time recess is over. So, the good folks at Yahoo! News’ “The Ticket” are here to remind us that Abraham Lincoln is no longer president of the United States:

news bible

Some of us may have forgotten that he was assassinated nearly a century and a half ago. Reminders like this are important to keep the American electorate informed — just in case you were hoping to see him on the next presidential ballot.

I guess this means Mr. Lincoln is still dead and that he won’t be invited to Mr. Obama’s swearing-in by the Presidential Inaugural Committee.


2 Responses to “Abraham Lincoln is still dead”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    Sometimes I can’t remember if our president is Barak Obama or Abe Lincoln. Why is it so darned hard for me to keep it straight?

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