No lyin’, it should be Bryan

Sheesh! How hard would it have been to copy Bryan Cranston’s name and then paste into the right spot so that it was spelled correctly in front of the dozens and dozens of readers of

fp brian cranston

Bryan Cranson here and here and even Bryan Craston, but at least they got his first name right.


You shouldn’t have sang

Really? Did the writer for Yahoo! Movies really write “should’ve sang”? It should’ve been “should’ve sung.” And “a-cappella” should’ve been “a cappella”; that’s singing without musical accompaniment — or a hyphen.

shouldve sang

Hooked on Phonics worked for me!

If you’re going to spell a word phonetically, make sure you can pronounce it properly. Then use a spell-checker and a dictionary. You don’t want to look like the fool who wrote this for Yahoo! Movies:

remenicent movies

Just in case you forgot, the word is reminiscent.

Could it be any bigger?

If you’re going to make a mistake, make it a big on, like the writer of this headline on Yahoo! Shine:

mousketeer shine

This is big and bad, but it’s an improvement over what another Yahoo! Shine writer called Justin Timberlake.

This is the news?

Keep in mind as you read this teaser that it appears on Yahoo! News, a supposed legitimate source of news and information:

news teacher

How trustworthy is a site that can’t get three little words in the correct order? And how about Maria Waltherr-Williard! That’s not even the woman’s name! But enough about the facts, let’s focus on that comma that separates the subject from its verb. What’s up with that?

Credible source for news? I think not.

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