The Rosie Ruiz of the Internet

Rosie Ruiz was a cheat. She pretended to run the Boston Marathon 1n 1980 but she skipped some parts of the race. The writer for the Yahoo! front page is the Rosie Ruiz of Internet journalism for skipping an important part of this story:

fp marathon

She was not the first to cross the finish line. She was the first female to cross the finish line.


You think that insulted women?

If you think that the magazine GQ insulted women with its list of the sexiest females, wait until you read what Yahoo! Shine said about them:

women humans shine hp

Apparently there are women and then there are humans.

This does not fill the bill

If you’re looking for an example of bad grammar and incorrect word choice, this sentence from fills the bill:

fp fits the bill

This writer, who is likely located in a non-English-speaking country, is unfamiliar with common idioms and basic grammar. The idiom is “fill the bill” and according to American Heritage, it means “to serve a particular purpose.” It also needs to agree with the subject, which is “chocolate and marshmallow.” One word, two errors. I think that’s a first.

What were you on when you wrote that?

I don’t mean to be obtuse, but I can’t figure out what the writer was on when writing this for Yahoo! Movies:

angle dust

Maybe you should just stay undercover

Let’s hope that the writer for goes undercover and stays there. If you don’t know which indefinite article to use before a word starting with a vowel, you shouldn’t be writing in English. Just stick to your native language.

fp a undercover

First, learn to read

Before you can write about a news story, you should probably read it. Or, if you’re like this writer for the Yahoo! front page, at least have someone read it to you. That way, you won’t be screwing up the facts.

fp drops daughter

The mother in question did not drop her daughter off at the dentist. I have no idea why the writer would think that. Maybe the person reading the story aloud to the writer skipped the part that said, “White sat in the waiting room.” Translation: She did not drop her daughter off. Maybe some writer, who shall remain unnamed, was dropped as a child. That could explain the inability to process simple information.

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