Where was when?

Do you pine for the day when you don’t have to scream at the writer for Yahoo! Sports’ “Ball Don’t Lie”?

where sports

Do you wish he knew that you use where when you’re referring to a place or location, and when when you’re referring to a time?


Literally, an error

If tickets for professional basketball games sell for literal pocket change, then all you have to do is empty a pocket of all the change it holds, and you’ve got a ticket! If, on the other hand, the writer for Yahoo! Sports’ “Ball Don’t Lie” meant that tickets are inexpensive, then the writer was making a figurative reference:

literal pocket change

I can’t take any more anymore

I can’t take it anymore. I simply can’t take any more of these moronic errors on the Yahoo! front page:

fp anymore

In the English-speaking world, anymore means “any longer, at the present, from now on.

War leads to divorce

If your marriage is suffering from all-old war, then a divorce might be in your future:

martial strife

If you rely on a spell-checker to catch all your typos, then you might be a writer for Yahoo! Shine.

John Mayer: A real lady’s man?

Is John Mayer a “man who enjoys and attracts the company of women”? Yes, he is, although I cannot imagine why women are drawn to him. Anyhoo, according to the American Heritage Dictionary, that makes him a lady’s man. Or even a ladies’ man. But not this, which appeared on Yahoo! omg!:

ladies man omg

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