Does Miley Cyrus look too masculine?

Does Miley Cyrus’ short new haircut make her look too much like a guy? Is that why the writer for Yahoo! omg! referred to her as Liam Hemsworth’s fiancé?

fiance omg cyrus

With its one E, fiancé is a male who is engaged. The female version is fiancée — the addition of the letter E makes it a female noun. Apparently the writer didn’t study French in high school. That might explain the use of the incorrect word. But it doesn’t explain why a professional writer would use an apostrophe to form the plural of Hemsworth.


It looks like doppelgangers

It’s almost a doppelganger for doppelganger, but the editors for Yahoo! Shine really screwed up the word:

doppelganers shine

Why go to all the trouble to use an A with an umlaut and then misspell the word?

It looks famliar

Another day, another typo on the Yahoo! front page:

fp famly

Is there some reason that Yahoo! doesn’t provide a spell-checker or a proofreader for its writers and editors? I guess avoiding mistakes like this just isn’t a priority at the Internet giant. Come to think of it, avoiding any kind of mistake isn’t a priority at Yahoo!.

I’m a writer, not a financial expert

Some families have found creative ways to save money. And the writer for “Financially Fit” for Yahoo! Shine features one such family. These eco-conscious folks save by using their clothes dryer only at night. Or they hang all their laundry, I think. You’d think that would reduce their drying costs by 100%. But you would be wrong:

dryer shine

According to the writer, who is the personal finance expert for Yahoo!, hanging laundry to dry only saves the family 50% of the drying costs. I guess they must spend a lot on clothes pins.

Rockin’ the Capitol

Did the Capitol sustain damaged during the president’s inauguration? According to Yahoo! Shine, lots of people and their attire rocked the building:

capitol shine

Unless the writer meant that they rocked Washington. That would be the capital. A capitol is a building.

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