Remember the inauguration?

Yeah, I do, too. But the writer or editor for Yahoo! front page has completely forgotten it — or at least how to spell it:

fp inaguration


Invalid spelling ruled invalid

This attempt at spelling invalid on the Yahoo! front page has been ruled invalid by me:

fp invalild

Follow a new regimen

Most writers follow a regimen involving steps like draft, edit, spell-check, and proofread. It would make sense that a professional writing for, where words are read by millions of people all over the world, would follow a similar regimen. But no. There are no procedures, no processes, and no standards for writing at Yahoo!. Anything goes. And anything — no matter how poorly written or spelled — is good enough:

fp regimine

Is that really essential?

If something is essential, can you do without it? Apparently you can, because that’s what it says on the Yahoo! front page:

fp essentials

Perhaps the writer meant “conveniences they do without.”

Blogger: Site is embarrassing

Everyone responsible for this bomb on should hang their head in shame:

fp dotom

For an Internet (and alleged media) company to misspell Kim Dotcom’s name is really embarrassing.

Time for a little whoop-ass

It’s shocking how awful some writers are on I’m not referring to the typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors they make every day. I’m referring to the outright moronic claims writers make that belie their inability to read and their ignorance of common facts.

Here’s what touched off my rant:

fp orthodox

You think the story behind the link is about a priest? You would be wrong. You think it’s about someone who is jailed? Wrong again. The article is about an Orthodox Jewish counselor who was sentenced to prison for the rape of a girl.

Someone needs to take this writer out to the woodshed and administer a little whoop-ass.

It’s one Itzhak per man

It’s not often you read about Itzhak Perlman on Yahoo! Music. After seeing this, I can understand why:



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