Stick to writing about nail polish

This is what happens when you let the “senior fashion and beauty editor” for Yahoo! Shine write about movies: You can grammatical gaffes and movie mistakes.

It starts with the very first photo caption in an article about films at the Sundance Film Festival.  There’s the misspelled Elizabeth Olsen, who plays a character who made a pact to lose her virginity:

sun 1

If you have any idea what a “former valedictorian reporter” is, please let me know. And if you’re certain that the character had only one parent, then you’re probably certain that the placement of this apostrophe is correct:

sun 2

This gal is writing about a movie and she can’t even get the title right; it’s “Don Jon’s Addiction.” You might want to steer clear of her in the future — at least until someone schools her in common English idioms.

sun 3

So, this is where the formatting for the photo captions get a little wonky and appear twice, giving us two times as many mistakes to point at and laugh — mistakes like using “aside from” and “also” in this sentence:

sun 4

“Aside from” means “except for,” not “in addition to.” Aside from that and the undercapitalzed Vincent D’Onofrio, the sentence is okie-dokie.

And aside from the missing hyphen in hard-partying and the misspelled Shailene Woodley, this sentence is OK, too:

sun 5

There’s no mistaking this grotesque spelling of Daniel Radcliffe:

sun 6

And finally, the senior editor, who is more experienced writing about nail polish than motion pictures, gives us this bit o’ nonsense:

sun 7

I’m thinking she means “since her mom died in child birth” (or maybe “during child birth”), unless the mother died during her own birth, which would make for a very short movie. Anyhoo, the woman died and some character played by Jessica Biel uncovered her. Or uncovered herself.


2 Responses to “Stick to writing about nail polish”

  1. change it up editing Says:

    Who says there aren’t writing jobs for eight-grade dropouts?

    • Laura Says:

      Do you think she actually made it that far in school? I’ve seen middle-school newspapers, written and edited by students, that were better!

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