Not even tryin’

They’ve given up. The editors and writers for have finally thrown in the towel and have abandoned all pretense of trying to write accurately and correctly. They’re just banging on keyboards now, hitting random keys and pushing the results out to the public.

fp hip hop

They’re not even trying to get LL Cool J’s name right. (Hint: It does not contain periods.) They’re not even trying to get hip-hop right. (Hint: It does contain a hyphen.) They’re not even proofreading. (Hint: Assault has two A’s.) They’ve given up. How long before the public gives up on them?


You and your big mouthe!

From the Yahoo! front page:

fp mouthe

That’s not the sad part

This misspelling of pneumonia on the Yahoo! front page just makes me sad:

fp pnuemonia

But what really makes me sadder is that I don’t think it’s a typo. I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that the writer thinks that spelling is OK.

No explanation needed. Or possible

There’s absolutely no explanation for what this means and why it is on Yahoo! Movies:

which movies

Peekaboo boo-boo

If you don’t know when to use a hyphen, perhaps you shouldn’t use a hyphen. One misplaced hyphen might be overlooked by readers, but three misused characters? You’ll look like an illiterate. Or a writer for the Yahoo! front page:

fp peek-a-boo

It’s bad enough that the writer didn’t bother to check the spelling of peekaboo (it has no hyphens); the writer compounded the boo-boo by hyphenating the adjective and the noun it modifies. It’s like putting a hyphen in “red-sweater” or “dumb-writer.”

More ESL classes needed

Perhaps the writer for the Yahoo! front page should return to those English as a Second Language classes and learn a few more common expressions, like “a few hundred years ago” or “hundreds of years ago”:

fp hundred of years

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