Where does she keep the fruit?

Where would you keep blackberries, if you had to tote up to 10 of them? In a Ziploc? If you’re carrying the smartphone, it’s a BlackBerry. If you have 10 of them, they’re BlackBerrys. Only the writers and editors on the Yahoo! front page feel they have the authority to change the spelling of a trademark:

fp blackberries lc

To form the plural of a family name or trademark ending in Y, just add S. You don’t “change the Y to I and add ES” as you learned in second grade. So, the Kennedys, the O’Learys, and the Halle Berrys of this world all keep the Y in their name. Same goes for the BlackBerrys.


2 Responses to “Where does she keep the fruit?”

  1. change it up editing Says:

    OMG! Every time you post one of these Yahoo boo-boos, I think “They can’t get any worse,” and then they do!

    • Laura Says:

      It’s quite astounding, isn’t it? Do you think they are at all interested in writing as a craft or profession — or even a means of communication? Nope.

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