What’s it really called?

Remember that game we played as kids? We all thought it was tag. It wasn’t. According to the editors at the Yahoo! front page, the game was “Tag,” with the quotation marks indicating irony. Or maybe just to emphasize the word. Or maybe to indicate the word is really “special.” I can’t tell because the editor seems fond of those little marks, even using them to surround It. Which reminds me: When did it and tag become proper nouns? Probably around the same time the preferred spelling ax was taken over by the less favored axe:

fp tag


2 Responses to “What’s it really called?”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    I remember reading that “axe” is a slang term for guitar. So maybe one of those Monopoly pieces is getting a rock guitar,

    (Don’t forget the “finger quotes” when reading that headline and caption.)

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