Only three?

This is practically perfect. It’s the first sentence in an article on Yahoo! Shine and it only has three mistakes! There’s only one misspelled name (it should be Farrah Fawcett), there’s only one punctuation mistake (that comma should be an em dash), and only one incorrect word:

icons to covet shine

I don’t know anyone who covets beauty icons, do you? They might envy icons or wish to emulate or copy icons — but have a desire to own a beauty icon? Not so much.


4 Responses to “Only three?”

  1. ericjbaker Says:

    With accurate name spelling, proper punctuation, and correct word choice, that sentence would still be a conceptual embarrassment.

    • Laura Says:

      Eric, you are correct. But dealing with the conceptual embarrassment is beyond the scope of Terribly Write. I can’t handle more than just saying “it sucks.”

      • ericjbaker Says:

        It’s a full-time job just identifying the errors, I’m sure. Imagine if Yahoo! understood that concept.

        • Laura Says:

          I wish it were someone’s full-time job at Yahoo!. I spend very little time looking for errors — most days I don’t have to go past to find enough for a day’s worth of blog posts. Sad.

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