Don’t try to use fancy words

Jeez, those kids who write for the Yahoo! front page just love throwing big, fancy words around. Problem is, they have no idea what the words mean, and instead of looking erudite, they wind up looking like pretentious, ignorant high-school dropouts:

fp financiers

A financier is “one who is occupied with or expert in large-scale financial affairs.” The word is not a synonym for donor, which is the word the writer should have used.


2 Responses to “Don’t try to use fancy words”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    They may have been trying for “financers”.

    (As an aside, would anyone really be shocked to find that if you give a politician a sackful of money, he might be persuaded to sit down for a little chit-chat?)

    • Laura Says:

      I was thinking they meant “financer,” but it’s not in the American Heritage Dictionary, which is the dictionary on Yahoo!. But these writers aren’t shy about making up words.

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