Repeat a lie often enough …

Repeat a lie often enough, and you start to believe it. Write a lie often enough, and your readers start to believe it. So, after reading about a Miss Teen USA on Yahoo! Shine, do you believe it?

teen usa 0

Do you believe that Ms. King is no longer Miss Teen USA?

teen usa 1

Do you believe it yet?

teen usa 2

After reading it three times on Yahoo!, you might think it’s true. It is not. Ms. King was Miss Delaware Teen USA, meaning she represented Delaware in the Miss Teen USA pageant. She was never, ever, never Miss Teen USA. If I write that one more time will you believe me?

2 Responses to “Repeat a lie often enough …”

  1. ZZMike Says:

    Make that “9 Things……..”: (she really wasn’t THE Miss Teen USA).

    As an aside, it doesn’t really bring any sort of dignity the the contest to have it discussed on Howard Stern’s show.

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