Are you kidding!?

Was the writer for Yahoo! Movies having a good laugh when writing about a movie that’s “to risque”? Personally, I think that’s too funny, as are the misspelling of Flintstones and the use of a comma where a semicolon belongs:

spring movies 1

If you’re a phonetic speller, you might think this is how to spell Judy Blume. Oh, there’s that semicolon! Of course, it doesn’t belong here:

spring movies 2

OK, so now I know the writer has a sense of humor. Maybe she meant court marshal? Or court jester, because this is kinda funny:

spring movies 3

Ha-ha! No, it’s not the same “Jurassic Park” we knew and loved, it’s some crazed misspelling:

spring movies 4


What do you think?

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