It’s not the most most mistakes

It’s not the most mistakes you’ll find in a single article on Yahoo!. (I believe that distinction belongs to a writer for Yahoo! Shine, who managed more than 50 mistakes in a single article.) This article from Yahoo! Sports’ “Prep Rally” just contains some completely avoidable errors, like the misspelled Buckley School and the duplicated word:

cheer 1

The words their, there, and they’re are on every list of mistakes that make you look stupid. So, of course, you’ll find a homophonic mistake in this article, too:

cheer 3

This isn’t so bad; it’s just missing the hyphen in Washington-Lee:

cheer 2

But misspelling Rachael Ray? That woman is everywhere! How can you not know how to spell her name?

cheer 4


What do you think?

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