Decoding the next pope

The process for choosing a pope is cloaked in history and ritual. Cardinals meet in the Sistine Chapel and attempt to decode the next pontiff. At least that’s what Yahoo! Movies tells us:

decipher pope movies

The American Heritage dictionary tells us that decipher means:

  1. To read or interpret (ambiguous, obscure, or illegible matter).
  2. To convert from a code or cipher to plain text; decode.

This sentence tells us that the writer needs an editor or a little more time with a dictionary.


4 Responses to “Decoding the next pope”

  1. ericjbaker Says:


    Decipher is a word. I agree with them on that level.

  2. ZZMike Says:

    I’m still wondering why the Yahoo! Movies section is interested in the Papal election. Perhaps they believe that’s where readers get all their information? (If so, we’re worse off that I thought.)

    More than that, the word “real” doesn’t quite seem to fit. (Or perhaps that’s to let their movie-going readers know that this may just be real life, as opposed to the movies.)

    • Laura Says:

      The article is about fictional popes in movies. A lame premise made lamer by the writer’s need to use a word she doesn’t understand.

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